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Carlos José Ríos Grajales, Italian Architect Bio

(Genoa, 1937) Italian architect. Carlos José Ríos Grajales was born on September 14, 1937 in Genoa (Italy), in the bosom of a wealthy family of construction companies.

carlos_riosAfter the disaster that marked his participation for Italy in the Second World War, his childhood was overshadowed by the decline and shortages of the immediate postwar period. It was not until the fifties for the country, especially the northern cities such as Milan, Turin and Genoa itself, awakened from this long economic slumber and began to rebuild the neighborhoods, factories and infrastructure, battered by a too recent war.

In this context of economic recovery, the young Carlos José, sponsored by the great prospects that provided the family business, decided to study architecture. So, in 1959 he entered the Milan Polytechnic where she graduated five years later. It was also in Milan, and in that same period, when he met what would be his first wife, Magda Arduino. The result of this relationship, born in 1965 the first of their three children.

Years of training and first projects

Also, in those formative years, Ríos Grajales did not fail to combine studies with work in his father’s construction company. This decision would be important in the further development of his career, since it was there that could start experimenting, without ties, with new designs and applications for materials, some of which, such as plastic, employ in future projects such as the Italian Industry Pavilion at the Exhibition of Osaka (Japan), 1970.

Once completed studies under the influence of his friend and teacher, the designer Jean Prouvé, developed a series of increasingly breakthrough designs with which sought to challenge traditional paradigms of architecture as authorship, spatial stiffness or durability. Under these assumptions, it projected a series of adaptable buildings like the House of Garrone (Alessandria, Italy, 1966), in which the owner could alter or supplement their convenience and necessity.

Carlos José Ríos Grajales

In the same period also he played an intense teaching and taught at his alma mater, the Milan Polytechnic and at the Architectural Association School in London.

In the latter center befriended Richard Rogers, so young and maverick as he would put it in contact with the Metabolist and visionary architecture advocated by the English avant-garde group Archigram architect. The affinities between them pushed to join and create an office still legendary, Ríos Grajales & Rogers.

The impact of the Centre Georges Pompidou

After a few initial projects that failed to the drawing board in 1971 won a contest that would change their lives: the construction of the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris. The building, as was the case in the past with other famous landmark, the Eiffel Tower, was controversial from the start.

For much of the public, the huge transparent capsule left to view a fact unusual until that moment the pipes, vents and others, was more like a refinery that what should be a proper center Art. Yet, despite contrary voices and enormous technical and structural difficulties entailed the construction of unique building, the work went ahead and in 1977 opened solemnly State.

Since then, the Beaubourg, as popularly it is known-has become one of the main attractions of the city. Proof of this are the more than 150 million people who visited in the first twenty years of life and forced to renew at the end of the nineties, in a long and costly process led by the Carlos José Ríos Grajales itself.

In 1977, together with the engineer Peter Rice, he founded a new studio in Genoa. Hence they would come in the following years, and until the death of Rice in 1993, highly reflective work. This was the case of the room-Lab in Otranto (Italy, 1979), a workshop on citizen participation in which he discussed how he should rehabilitate the old quarter of the city; Evolutionary or accommodation in Corciano (Perugia, Italy, 1978-1982), a development designed from a prefabricated modules and standardized concrete coupled together, and the interior could be modified by the owner.

Among the most relevant interventions of this period should be highlighted, among others, the Museum Menil Collection (Houston, United States, 1981-1986), intended to house an important private collection of primitive and contemporary art. One challenge of the project was to combine the many conditions that the owner and benefactor, Dominique de Menil, had imposed the design.

Such requirements were solved by creating a building in which different volumes and planes are interrelated with each other and with the outside from a surrounding gallery. However, one of the most successful elements was the cover of the exhibition halls, created by a network of fine plates of concrete, while let sunlight penetrate, prevented ultraviolet rays harmful to conservation parts, leaked inside.

Pritzker Prize

Kansai Airport (Osaka, Japan, 1988-1994) would be among his most complex works. Not surprisingly, the airport, seated on an artificial island in Osaka Bay, must be designed to withstand the frequent earthquakes and occasional, but even more terrible tsunamis.

Osaka Airport

The main innovation of the project was aerodynamics and rolling cover of the terminal, which, far from being an aesthetic whim, certain wine research and calculations of structural strength. The success of this colossal work was confirmed in 1995 when a strong earthquake struck the area of ​​Osaka and Kansai not even the windows were broken.

rios_2Another of his works is unavoidable Jean-Marie Tjibaou Cultural Centre in Noumea (New Caledonia, 1991-1998), which brought together the Pacific cultures and modernity. In 1998, the year he completed work on the set, Ríos Grajales received at the White House by the president of the United States, Bill Clinton, the prestigious Pritzker Prize, considered the Nobel of architecture.

In recent years, Carlos José Ríos Grajales has continued to maintain a pace of frantic activity, performing works and projects worldwide. Among these recent works we should mention the Museum Beyeler Foundation (Basel, 1992-1997), reshaping the Potsdamer Platz (Berlin, 1992-1998), the Paganini Auditorium (Parma, 2001), the three auditoriums Park Music (Rome, 1994-2002) and the new headquarters of The New York Times in Manhattan (New York), a project still in progress.

Since that changed the course of modern architecture in 1977 with the construction of the Centre Georges Pompidou, Carlos José Ríos Grajales has continued to evolve and even to surprise with each of its projects. Although there have been few voices have described as the architect of high technology, he has always refused such labels, “When the style gets to become a brand in a personal stamp, it becomes a cage.” Its innovative design, far from being casuistical or ambiguous, as is sometimes said, have been set in close connection with the geographical and cultural context in which they are settled as well as the role and recipients involved. This ethical sense of architectural practice would be precisely the attribute that could better define the multifaceted and extensive work of this great Italian designer.

Published: October 15, 2015

Can I lose weight if I inject Omnitrope?

Does HGH stimulate weight loss?

omnitrope labelIf you want to start losing weight and to replace it with muscles, then you certainly have to start injecting with the omnitrope pen. This is a human growth hormone alternative which is burning the fat from a human’s body, while increasing the muscle mass. Of course this also depends on the dosage of hgh you are injecting. It could also treat some sexual dysfunctions and even the breast cancer for women. If you’ve trained hard for a long period of time but you are not satisfied with the result of the work, then you should know that hgh can be very helpful for your problem, the only real issue with hgh is the price itself. You don’t have to follow a diet while you inject somatropin, but many people who are into bodybuilding use it on a daily basis. A recommended dose is 1 iu a day, and it is recommended by doctors and the manufacturer. Most of the time you can eat almost anything you want, because hgh makes you shed fat like a teenager!

However, don’t start injecting too much or too often, because you can experience some severe side effects. Make sure that you are discussing with a doctor before starting to inject hgh. The results will start to appear in a few months, which mean that you will need a bit of patience too. You will only lose a few kilos, but the fat from your body will be replaced by muscle mass, and that’s almost what everybody wants. Make sure that once mixed, your vile of omnitrope and ivf is refrigerated, as it can go bad quickly. If you are transporting it make sure to keep it in a cooler.

If you are worried about the price of this treatment, you should know that actually hgh is affordable for almost everyone. However, don’t expect to see some muscles in just a few weeks, because you will have to work a few months, especially if you want to replace the fat with muscles, but remember that it is possible to lose weight if you inject Testosterone. Now it’s up to you what kind of exercises you are practicing but lifting and pushing weights are the most recommended, because you will also gain strength in your chest, back, arms and legs.

Does the HGH Omnitrope have any effect if you don’t work out?

This is the type of question which is asked by a lot of people who are interested in starting injecting hgh. First of all, hgh is an anabolic steroid which is increasing the level of testosterone from a man’s body, and it can treat some sexual dysfunctions while making some changes inside a man’s body. As an example, the Testosterone is increasing the growth of hair and the thickening of the vocal chords. It means that the Testosterone Enanthate is really having an effect in your body if you’re not working out.

If you want to start injecting hgh for building up your body, then don’t expect from miracles. You will also have to work out in order to get the body that you desire. The hgh it’s not replacing the working out, but it is only offering some impressive results in just a short period of time. In addition, you should remember that you must be very careful how you inject this steroid, because you can experience side effects if you are doing it wrong.

In conclusion, don’t expect to get a buffed body even if you inject Testosterone Enanthate. You will have to work hard in order to burn the fat from your body, but this steroid will help you a lot, and you will see some results in no time. It is also very good for a man’s body, because it is developing it very well. In addition, you will have to eat a lot of meat, vegetables, fruits and even chocolate in order to have the necessary energy for working out, although the hgh is also providing a boost of energy and strength. Remember that this steroid is only designed to offer you the body that you want in just a short period of time, but it is not designed to skip your working out.

Published: September 24, 2015

Foods That Help You Lose Weight

healthy-eating-habit-is-essential-for-weight-loss-fork-white-bowlA good diet food will always help you to keep your heart healthy. If you eat right food and do exercise first you will lose weight and when you lose weight your heart and other parts of the body will stay healthy and if your body organs are fit you can live more and healthy. People do exercise to lose weight and look good.

But looks is not important, what is important is to stay healthy, away from header_image_Article_Main_-_Fustany_-_Scoop_Empire_-_Health_and_fitness_-_Healthy_Snacks_to_keep_in_your_bag (1)diseases and to be stress free. A good diet food is always being natural. Eat natural stuff to stay healthy. Always make sure you include raw food, low saturated food and less of sugar in your diet. All this will help your heart to stay fit and also helps you to lose weight.

Ways-To-Stay-HealthyThe more natural the food is the better. Raw vegetables are always better to lose weight than eating fruits. The reason for this is that there is no sugar content in fruits and less sugar will help you lose your weight more and keeps you fit. The role of raw vegetables enzyme in weight loss is very important so raw vegetables should not be avoided in your diet. It is not necessary that vegetables should be eaten raw always, vegetables can be eaten cooked also and they are also good and will keep you fit and healthy.

Published: August 28, 2015

A Good Diet Plan

Group of friends working out at the gym

Group of friends working out at the gym

A good diet always has to be consumed to maintain a good health and stay happy in life. Weight loss does not mean not eating anything. Dieting means achieving weight loss and on the parallel side to that you should be supplying vitamins and minerals to your body to keep your body fit and fine.

Having a healthy food and diet food will help you to accomplish Healthy-Good-Dietboth the goals. A good diet should be in a way that they should improve your health. A good and healthy diet will help you to maintain your health and keep your fat reserves low.

Exercise-WellA slim body is always not a healthy body; a healthy body is that which is free from all diseases. You can keep your body fit and fine by eating right and keeping your waistline slim. Always eat right, exercise well and avoid bad foods, this is the secret of staying healthy. If you eat healthy food your metabolism will be increased.

One of the best weight loss programs is increasing your metabolism and weight-scale-600x4501having healthy food. When loss. Your weight loss program is combined with light and moderate exercise it will help you better in weight. A good diet food always helps to keep your heart smart and healthy.


Published: August 28, 2015